Get the Balance Right

Ep. 95: Podcasting for Your Mind, Business and Soul (Guest Jenn Dragonette from Feed Your Business with Love podcast) [From Passion To Profits Series]

May 04, 2022 Heather Zeitzwolfe Season 2 Episode 95
Get the Balance Right
Ep. 95: Podcasting for Your Mind, Business and Soul (Guest Jenn Dragonette from Feed Your Business with Love podcast) [From Passion To Profits Series]
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On the fourth installment of the From Passion to Profits series, we’re joined by a vibrant woman who’s not afraid to use soul and exploration to generate an income! In this episode, you’ll hear from the lifelong learner, fellow entrepreneur, and tsunami of self-love, Jenn Dragonette! She does everything from flying planes to painting with her eyes shut, but today Jenn joins the show to share the multi-passion evolution that led her to become a podcaster.

Besides being the host of Feed Your Business with Love podcast, Jenn has a multitude of certifications, a passion for horses and runs a podcast production and coaching business. Whether you're looking for EFT, NLP, or reiki, Jenn has got all the bases covered. Jenn exudes positive energy and believes if you're not having fun, then you're doing it wrong. 

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Heather Zeitzwolfe: "Hey peeps, you are listening to Get the Balance Right podcast. And I am your host, Heather Zeitzwolfe. Our guest today is Jen Dragonette. Yes. That is her last name. I thought maybe that was a fake name. Nope, it's real little dragon. Dragonette. And. Jen is one of my guests for my series, from passion to profits. So I'm really excited for you to meet Jen, if you don't follow her podcast or don't know her often social media. And she is somebody that is. I would say addicted to learning just like me. She's taken tons of courses. She's got degrees, certificates. All that kind of stuff. 

I had a really great time talking with Jen and learning all about her. And I think that you will find her story. Very inspiring and Very relatable. She went through a time, which I'm sure a lot of people out there went through during the pandemic where you felt very alone and she dealt with that. And her way of. 

Coming out of her depression was to start a podcast. And now she's producing podcasts. So, you know, good things sometimes come from. Really dark places. One of the things that I've been dealing with this weekend, this past weekend was my Katie Sebastian, who is my second born. I had the loan. He is, he passed away a couple of years ago and now Sebastian. 

Unfortunately, we had to let them go. It was so sad. We had to have him euthanized over the weekend just to put him out of his pain. , it was a really, really tough decision, but he was really suffering and. You may have heard him in the past. If you've listened to my podcast, he was the cat that was whining in the background for water. He wanted to drink out of the sink. 

And his best buddy was the loneliest. And after it, the loneliest died, he's just been crying and crying and crying. I don't know if you believe in. The kind of thing where maybe those two kitties are. Cuddling again. And playing and 

in a better place that's where I think the loneliest in Sebastian are. I'd like to think so. So this episode is dedicated to my buddy, Sebastian, who I. really miss. I do have another cat. His name is Finnegan and he's still around. He's very healthy. So, He's not making any noise right now, but he's sitting right next to me. And. 

 Ever since Sebastian has passed away, he's been pretty much by my side. , I've got like a lump in my throat right now. Just kind of thinking about it. So, okay. Let's put that aside for a moment We're on a happier note. I'm excited to announce that I've been working with. 

A podcasting coach who is helping me release season three of the podcast. So it's going to go through sort of a relaunch. They will be a lot of the elements of season two in this show, but it's going to be bright and shiny and new, and I'm super excited about it. And I really want to hear from my audience. What do you want to hear on this new season show? What. 

Topics. What kind of people do you want to hear from. 

What would you like to learn in this next season of the podcast? 

For right now, I've decided that I'm going to continue to uplift the female voice. So right now I only have plans for interviewing female entrepreneurs. I might switch that up a little bit. on my wishlist of people that I want to bring on for season three. I've got drag queens on my list. So, obviously female does not need to be defined by body parts. 

so I have a really fun announcement between now and when season three kicks off, we're going to be doing a special giveaway. I'm going to be giving away one VIP day with me more which is a three hour. one-on-one strategic session, which normally costs $999. So that's like a thousand bucks. All right, you get that for free? 

And here's what you have to do to win it. 

You'll have to posts something about the podcast. So post either on Instagram, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, then you have to tag me. Find me on social media. You can find the links in the show notes and then use the hashtags. get the balance right podcast and the hashtag. From profit to passion. And tag me. And every time you do that on social media, you'll be put into the drawing. So the more times you do it, 

The better. And if you give us a rating and review, , If you give me five stars. send me a snapshot of that. And then you will be put into the drawing for the VIP day. 

Also post that onto social media. So I see it. And you have to do get the balance right podcast and from passion to profits hashtags. And you will also be entered to win the VIP day with me as well. 

I would love, love, love, love, love it. If you could share it with a friend tag me, between now and when season three drops. . Make sure that you entered a win and you have to use those hashtags Please, please, please help this little show, grow and grow, 

All right, peeps. Let's get on with this show with Jenn Dragonette

Are you ready? Yes. Here is my interview with the delightful. Wacky, I'm going to call her wacky. Cause she's the wacky like me. Kooky. Yes. 

Very smart. Very educated. Jenn Dragonette "


Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Jenn Dragonette, with the most awesome name I've ever heard, welcome to Get the Balance Right podcast!” 

Jenn Dragonette:
“Thank you so much for having me. I'm really excited to be here. I just love your energy and I know we're going to have so much fun.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Oh my God. I love your energy too. You're another quirky wacky kind of alternative in to, some really awesome different things, not the run of the mill snooze fest things. 

For people that don't know who you are Jenn, tell just a little bit about who you are, your podcast, and you've got multiple businesses. Let's just focus on who you are and your podcast.”

Jenn Dragonette: “So yes, I'm, multi-passionate. I am a person who doesn't like labels. When I really want to introduce myself. I'm like, ‘Hey, I'm Jenn, I'm your land mermaid connector of humans’. Because realistically, I could list off what I do, but that's not fun. ‘Land mermaid connector of humans’ sounds way more fun. 

My podcast is Feed Your Business With Love. And that was because everyone as you're going through school and all these things, they say, be a ripple, be a ripple. And I was like, ‘No, I want that to be a tsunami’.

So my mission with that podcast is to be a tsunami of self-love in your life and business, because everything starts from within.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe:
Okay, I love that, Tsunami. A ripple, yeah, that sounds like small potatoes. Tsunami, you can't get any bigger than that. And you know, what's kind of cool about a tsunami is, I mean, real tsunamis aren't cool, because they can have a lot of destruction, but it's also about disrupting what's already there.

And you are like me, you're multi-passionate, you got a lot of passions going on. And you have a lot of educational background experience, which I so appreciate because I am a lifelong learner. So tell us a little bit about your educational background. What are all the things that you've studied?” 

Jenn Dragonette: “What haven't I studied except for podcasting? That's the one thing I have not studied, which is really funny. So I went to school and I started with graphic design and photography. I finished my associate’s degree as the visual communicator. Then I went and I was like, ‘This is boring’. So I decided to become a pilot and went through the school.

Didn't end up with a degree, but ended up getting certified and then saying like, 'I am not going to work this hard for that little money. I'm just going to do this for fun’. So then I went back to school, got a degree in marketing and managing, got my master's. And then I just started adding seven certificates after that.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe:
“I got to ask you about this whole flight thing. Were you flying, like prop planes, or like two seaters, four seaters, a Boeing 747. Like, what were you flying?” 

Jenn Dragonette:
“So just little tiny two-four seaters. I was terrified to fly. I missed some trips to go overseas with my grandparents because I would not get on the plane.

This is before I was a pilot. This is why I became a pilot. I was like, ‘I am never going to miss another trip. What is it about this that scares me?’. And it was that I didn't understand it. So what's the best way to do it is immerse yourself. It was the most expensive immersion that I've ever done in my life, but now I can fly around Sonoma County in little tiny Cessna airplanes.

And it's been one of the best, most empowering things that I've ever done. Still don't like flying because I don't like being shoved in a little tiny tube with that many people, but I'm not afraid of it anymore." 

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “And did you ever jump out of an airplane?”

Jenn Dragonette: “Heck no. I'm the person going down with the plane. I did help out with a flight school. When the pilots wanted to jump, I would take the planes back down, but no. Yeah, I’m getting an airplane. Why am I jumping out?”

Heather Zeitzwolfe:
“Exactly. I feel the same way. It's like in Mexico, you can go on these zip lines. Even that was scary. I couldn't even see the jungle floor below, actually. You'd look down and you're like, I have no idea how high I am, but I'm in a tree.

You've got multiple certificates. So you got a master's in marketing. So you have a business degree, then you have a master's in business? And you've also worked in accounting. How did that come about?”

Jenn Dragonette: “I'm really good with numbers. I'm really good at playing in financials. I love financial statements. I love them because it's a puzzle.

So most people think of like cut and dry, like, but it was a real puzzle. You got to be an investigator like, ‘Ooh, where did that penny go? Wait, that penny just turned into, how are we off a million dollars? I was just off of a penny.’, like, and it was just, it was fun to be an investigator. So I really enjoyed it and I just kinda fell into it.

Ended up with the flight school, the flight school needed a bookkeeper and I just kept going.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “I always call what I do like Nancy Drew, like you gotta get all Nancy Drew about some of these things. Especially when someone gives you a messy set of books and you're like, ‘Wait, where did this come from?’ and ‘How did this happen?’. And you gotta really like go in there and get all nerdy with it. Well, that's so cool. 
If you don't mind me asking how young are you?”

Jenn Dragonette:
“This is my last year of my thirties. So next year I'll be 40.” 

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “You’ve packed in a lot of stuff in a short amount of time. What are some of the certificates that you’ve earned?” 

Jenn Dragonette: “So I am a certified integrative nutrition health coach. I'm a Hatha yoga teacher. I'm a Reiki master and teacher. I'm a therapeutic art coach, an NLP practitioner. I know I'm forgetting some, but that's what I remember off the top. I'm like, I know there's two more in there, but I don't remember what they were.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe:
“We've had several people on the show that were NLP certified and some of the people I've talked to who have been NLP certified have also studied hypnosis. Now, did you also study that?”

Jenn Dragonette:
“No, no, I had to stop. I had to stop. I had to, I'm a lifelong learner, but it was one of those I was seeking certificates for validation and to feel worthy.

I love learning, but it was more of a self validation, like, okay, I can be good enough to show up if I have this one more certificate, which isn’t true. You don't have to be certified in most things.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “I also feel that as well. I think the people that are more overeducated are the ones that maybe suffer from imposter syndrome and get like, ‘Well, oh, I need to know a little bit more before I can put myself out there as the expert’. I love to learn, but I think that is part of it.

When I started offering some services in my business, I was like, well, I better take another course on this because I need to have this certificate. My clients didn't care if I had a certificate in that. I already knew the information, I don't know why I felt like I needed to have a piece of paper. 

Very cool. You've got all these passions and I would assume that you were passionate about the things that you study, not just to get the piece of paper. Now you're helping people that are in business with their podcast. Tell us about that business.” 

Jenn Dragonette: “So it was very interesting. I'm guessing it fell in my lap. One morning, I woke up and I was like, ‘I'm going to be a podcaster’.

And that day I actually launched my show with the trailer, had my first interview the next day. Had no clue what I was doing, ranked it number 55 and the top self-love podcasts in eight months. And then I ended up in a clubhouse room. And we were just supposed to be there for meet and greet, but somebody found out I had podcasts that was doing relatively well.

The host was like, ‘Can we talk about podcasting? Do you have some time? Can we keep the room open?’ I was like, ‘Oh sure.’.And we started talking and at the end of that, she's like, ‘Do you have a course?’ ‘Yes, I do’. I did not. I did not have any idea, any clue, but in 72 hours, right after that, I wrote down what I could possibly offer.

I put up a quick sales page and in 72 hours, I sold out my beta program. So that's how podcasting came about to me. And now it's really podcasting for your soul. So working with me, there's different levels that I absolutely love. But I think of podcasting as this like beautiful soul tool. It really helps you find confidence, find your voice in a way that is unfiltered because on a podcast you can pretty much say what you want.

You don't have to check yourself like you do on a lot of other platforms. So I really think you get to find your authentic self."

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “So that is actually coming from a different kind of place. So feeding your soul is different from, ‘I want downloads. I want to fill my group programs. I want to be an affiliate. I wanted advertising dollars coming in like John Lee Dumas’. 

Let's hang out here for a second because this show is for entrepreneurs and a lot of entrepreneurs get into podcasts to have either another revenue stream or to promote themselves, but let's just talk about this whole soul filling. Do you work with people that are, it's just a passion project for them?”

Jenn Dragonette: “I work with all people. Realistically, they’re all business owners. But I just take a different approach because you have so many people out there selling the structure. Structure your show this way, show up on these platforms, promote it this way, if you do this, pay for this advertising. But what I found with my business, like right now, I'm to a point where I need to hire someone or I need to stop taking clients because one of my business has grown that much. 

And I don’t sell at all, but my podcast comes from my soul. People get to know the real me on my podcast. Whereas if I'm showing up somewhere else, I feel like I have to be put together. I feel like I have to be censored. It's podcasting for your soul, but podcasting is 95% of where I get my revenue from.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe:
“Wow. You've really tapped into this.

So your podcast, when did you say that you started it exactly. How long ago?” 

Jenn Dragonette: “February of 2020.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Oh okay. So it was one of those that started during the pandemic?” 

Jenn Dragonette: “Right before COVID, we didn't even know about it at the time when I launched.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “When you started it, wasn't like, ‘I’m going to star teaching people how to do podcasts’? It wasn't that at all. It was more of a self-help type thing. 

How did you, in the beginning, did you come up with your own ideas? Did you interview people? I mean, I've listened to your podcast, but full disclosure, I haven't gone back to the very beginning, so I don't know how it was in the very beginning.”

Jenn Dragonette: “It really started out with me interviewing with a lot of people. I had gotten to a pretty dark place in my life where it was one of those like ‘Okay Universe, if I don't have a purpose, don't let me wake up tomorrow’. One of those kinds of dark places. And I needed a way to talk to people. I worked from home, my husband's in fire, it was me and the dog. Like, that was it.

 And I needed more in my life. ‘How can I connect?’ cause I hated at that point in my business I was like  ‘Can we jump on a discovery call, let's have a coffee chat’. Everyone was saying, ‘No’, nobody wanted to jump on coffee chats cause that was meeting, I'm getting sold to. I was able to create this podcast and I started talking to people and sharing their message. 

And it felt really good to be able to say, ‘Hey, I have this platform, let me promote you’. But while I was doing that, what I wasn't realized I was also doing was networking and building my business by just having conversations and promoting other people. Those people kept referring people into my business.” 

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “And so at that point though, because you weren't helping people with podcasts, what was your business? Was it more in the mental health space?"

Jenn Dragonette: “Yeah. So I was a chronic pain health coach. At that point, I was helping people with chronic pain and chronic illness live fulfilled lives.” 

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “So this is the same podcast you have now, it just sort of morphed over time?”

Jenn Dragonette: “It morphed over time. So until this year it was Feed Your Body With Love. And as I grew, I started collecting entrepreneurs and I was like, ‘Okay, well, as an entrepreneur, let me tell you, that's like the best self-help you can ever get for yourself is let's go be an entrepreneur’. 

If you are not doing personal development as an entrepreneur and you are successful *high-five, double-high five*, like you're doing something great, market that, because that's the magic in the bottle.

But it just started teaching me about myself. I think podcasting is so forgiving. You can pivot, you can have seasons, you can have series, so you don't get trapped in this box, like get me out of this box. And it allowed me to just pivot and pivot and have different guests and all different walks cause self, there’s a lot of topics you can talk about under that topic.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Even though it morphed, it still had some of the same themes running through it.

So you can pivot, but people aren't like, ‘Woah, this is completely different’. It's still had that essence of what you started with and it continues today, but it's just kind of changed over time. That's really cool. My podcast has changed as well, and I'm coming up on episode 100 and it's going to change again.

It is definitely a commitment. It's a lot of work.” 

Jenn Dragonette: “Yes. Unless you hire someone.” 

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “That's true, and you do that. Not only do you help people launch their podcast, tell us what else you offer.” 

Jenn Dragonette: “So I also help with strategy. A lot of podcasters come to me, they don't want the production side of it, which I also do, but they want the strategy.

‘What's the next step for me? What's the creative next step. I'm in a roadblock. I can't come up with another episode’. Or maybe they've only been a solo show and they want to merge into interviews and they're just not seeing the results. They're really focused on the download numbers, right? They come to me and we really strategize behind it.

You can have a really low download show and have a really high profits business because it's just having those right people and showing up in the right places. So I do a lot of strategy. That's like my main, my fun zone. I call it my fun plan. 

It's like, ‘Let's come up with something that fits you. If you hate social media, let me help you build it without social media. If you love going live, let me teach you how to do your show as a live stream and work based off SEO, live streaming to YouTube, really getting into what feels good to you’. Because again, when I was looking in the industry, so many people are like, ‘Oh right, you got to post on this platform and this platform, and after your show do this, this and this’.

And it's like, I hate showing up on social media. It doesn't feel aligned to who I am and so I throw out everybody else's strategies. And that's the one thing that's great about me is because I've pivoted through so many things because I have so much education and I'll be honest, I spent a hundred thousand dollars between coaches and courses in the last four years.

So I have taken YouTube courses, Pinterest, like name something, and I have enough background to help you figure out like, ‘Alright, what feels good to you? Let's try this on for six months. If this doesn't work, let's take it off and try something else on’, and being there as a cheerleader in the backend. 

So I love helping people with that kind, because one size doesn't fit all.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Do a lot of people come to you with pod fade? Like they started this podcast thinking like, ‘Oh yeah, it's going to help my business’. And then they realize like, ‘Man, this is a lot of work and I don't really even know what to talk about each week’.”

Jenn Dragonette: “There's some that come to me with the production side of it. Like, ‘I am spending 20 hours a week editing my 30 minute show’, and I'm like, ‘No! There are some shortcuts that you can do. You can again, hire someone like me and my production company. Or there are some softwares out there that make your life so much easier. I have spent a lot of time researching platforms and things to make your life easier’. So we streamline it because that's part of the reason why people have pod fade out.

It's so much fun to have the conversation, but then you have this audio file that, ‘Oh, I've got to you know, mix it down to 16 loops and I've got to do this and then I've got to write those stupid show notes’. And they're using these show notes and they're not making a blog out of it. And I'm like, ‘Hello, that's not even searchable’.

Like, you know, so it's just kind of cleaning up the backend and streamlining the process, which is one of my zones of genius is to make anything like you want to get from A to Z without having to do the whole alphabet in between.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “The entrepreneurs, we end up in the weeds doing a lot of things other people are better at doing that we should just hire that out.

You have so many different passions. This is awesome that you are profiting from your passion. Are you also working on a side hustle?”

Jenn Dragonette: “So my main business is my production business. And like I said, it's growing, I'm going to have to hire. I can't take the load anymore, which is like, ‘Thank you Universe, may I have another?’. 

Because it's so cool because I'll get to actually help someone else, you know, live this life because I get to have an employee or a contractor. I'll have to talk to you, be to figure out what you know, which is going to be the best form for my business and where I'm at. 

There's different levels. I have courses, I have all these different things to fit into any budget. I also have a free strategy session, which a lot of people don't take advantage of it. I'm like, ‘Hey, I am literally giving you 30 minutes of my time where I will research your show, dig into your show, no strings attached. I won't even pitch you at the end of it. Period.’, like, I will tell you, ‘Here's your show. Here's what I think you should do for your next step. If you want to work with me, you can come back’. If not, I am like the least salesy person, because again, that's something that I've learned when you have a passion for something, and somebody comes into your space and they're like, ‘Holy crap, she just fixed my show. You know, I just got an extra 20 followers on my show from just the simple little tweak’. 

They come back. It's helpful to have different levels. Cause I don't want to get the new business owner saying, ‘Oh, well I can't afford Jenn D’. And it just like the fiver thing, like it's 30 bucks, pay somebody to do it.

Even if you're bootstrapping from the beginnings, there's so many ways to get support from me. That's even like, okay, well you don't have the budget for it. Let's look at people. I now have a bunch of people on fire. That I have tested out just because I like testing people, and that's where I started that I trust. You can get show notes for five bucks.

Not that I'm trying to take away from my production business because we do a lot more, but there's ways to bootstrap stuff. And I want to make sure that the beginner podcasts are to the, you know, podcasters that's just getting started pr that has all the money that's just like ‘Here, take my money, just make it happen’.

You know, podcasting is for the soul for me. And I really want people to see how powerful this network could be at. It saved my life. It changed everything for me. And podcasting had saved my life because of the dark place that I was in to where I am now, without the network that I created through my podcast, I don't know what today would bring.” 

Heather Zeitzwolfe:
“Can you describe some of the things that podcasting helped you with? Was it like self-esteem, was it just community? What did you get from podcasting?” 

Jenn Dragonette: “So it really did help me first with creating a community. I couldn't have started a podcast at a better time. I was already feeling like a recluse and stuck in my house and didn't have a lot of friends in my area.

And the funny thing was 2020, my new year's resolution was to make friends in real life. Well, that didn't happen. But along comes podcasting, and it's built this network. I have the most beautiful souls come on my show. And it's so funny because every time I'm struggling with something, my guest comes on as like ‘Mic drop. Here, I just fixed what you're struggling with’. 

I didn't plan this podcast. I let it be a passion. I just let it flow. And it just seemed that every time I was getting stuck in some areas, that was the guests that showed up on my show.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Yeah. It was like, the Universe was telling you something.” 

Jenn Dragonette: “It really got me out of my shell. And last year, I met one of my people that had come on my podcast. I met her in Costa Rica.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Wow you did? Was that purpose or by chance?”

Jenn Dragonette: “Purpose. She was having a retreat down there and I am terrified of germs. I'm not the person that won't leave the house because of germs, but I'm scared of germs. So I've traveled during a pandemic to go meet a person that I didn't know.

At that point, I was struggling with body image issues and I was going to a yoga retreat with a bunch of yogis that were fit. So there was all these things. These beliefs I had that I broke through, but if I didn't have my podcast, I would have never done it. So it just allows you to really start being yourself, unfiltered.

Two years ago, I would have never introduced myself as a land mermaid connector of humans. Why would somebody introduce themselves like that? You know, it has to be, ‘Hi, I'm Jenn. I am a podcast strategist’, but you know, like, no.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “I'm going to assume you have a fascination with mermaids. Mermaids are awesome.

So are you a fan of the ocean or you, you said land. So are you more of a fan of the land? Are you a water person?” 

Jenn Dragonette: “I am both very much so both, but if there is water, I will be in it. Our ocean here is like, I think it was 51 degrees last, last week, 51, 52. And I'm out there without a wetsuit swimming in the ocean.

It's hard for me to not be in water if it's around, it doesn't matter how cold it is. I mean, even murky. I mean, it's bad. I am drawn to water, but I'm also very connected to nature. I am the one that's out there dancing in the moon sometimes not very close soaking in those moon beams. I am that kind of a person.” 

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “And you have a horse. So tell us about your horse.”

Jenn Dragonette: “So her name is faith. I actually, I lease her. So I'm kind of like adopt her/lease her, like there's I have a great, great way that I get to have her. She's a little tiny quarter horse. So like me, she's so short and stocky and pretty moody and we just get along and she has actually taught me so much that the book that I'm writing, there’s three people in the book. 

So there's a business woman, stay at home mom and then there's the perspective of my horse, because my horse has taught me a lot about being a highly sensitive person.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Is this a novel that you're writing?”

Jenn Dragonette: “No, it's an actual book.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Oh, wait, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. Says ‘draft’ on it, she's, she's holding up something for the people that are.

Jenn Dragonette: Okay, it's going to turn into like a bigger brand. It's going to be branded instead of Feed Your Body With Love. It's going to be branded as Feed Your Business With Love. So it's all about self-love and actually finding yourself. Because as society and like, like my horse taught me, is just to be yourself.

Like we can be afraid of so many things. We're so sensitive to everything that's around us. ‘Oh my goodness, lady bug landed on my nose, I'm going to buck and go crazy cause this thing might eat me’. Just watching her in the field, interact with these things. I'm like, ‘That is exactly what happens in our daily lives’ as you're walking through life, there's a little thing that gets in your way and it causes these huge outbursts. And it just was so interesting.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Now, did you grow up with horses or is this the first time you've ever had a horse?”

Jenn Dragonette: “This is the first time I've had a horse. I did not grow up with horses. I grew up horse obsessed.

We had neighbors that had a horse and when I was, you know, one or two and finally could walk, I would run up to these horses and just grab onto their faces. Terrified my mom cause my mom is terrified of horses. I've always had a fascination with them because they're such big majestic, powerful animals, but a lady bug can scare them.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “I had no idea that that was the case. That is, it's funny and cute and wow. Have you gotten a video of something like that?”

Jenn Dragonette: “No, but I was riding my horse and the lady bug came. This is a recent story. Cause it was like last year when I was on my horse, a lady bug came and was near her eye and she just lost her mind and I'm on her.

So she's bucking, well, let's be real, she’s old and she's lazy. So her bucks aren't that bad and her cow cakes and all of these things are not that bad, but we definitely got a little terrified for a moment. And then it's just calming down and it's learning that connection. Like I'm on her and I'm helping her. If I would've gotten terrified, would've just made this situation so much worse.

So you have this connection where it's like, okay, I've got to remain calm to help this animal, this person, remain calm. There's so much we can learn about how to be in our lives from a horse and that, that place of love.” 

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “When is the book due to come out? Do you have a schedule for that yet?" 

Jenn Dragonette: “I'd love to have a schedule. I need an employee." 

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “So many things you want to do, and it's tough. The clock is ticking all the time. You said you're not a big social media person, but you have a website. How do people find you?”

Jenn Dragonette: “I do hang out on Instagram. If I have to pick a social, it's Instagram. So I'm j.dragonette

That's the fictional character, dragon, D R A, G O N E T T E. Little dragon and the little dragon in the house. Again, if I'm not a land mermaid, I'm a little dragon. Sometimes breathing fire, sometimes really cute, like puff the magic dragon, that fiery sides in there. And then my website is and that has all the different things from podcasting to if you're stuck in limiting beliefs, learning to paint with your eyes closed, to bust some ceilings that you have, maybe even profit ceilings. That’s it, those are the two ways that are probably best to find me.” 

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “And I do want to ask you about this painting with your eyes closed.

Cause you have the most adorable, fun picture that is your face with paint on it. And I love that. And I was like one of those things that drew me to you. Cause I was like, ‘Wait a minute. Who is this girl? She's got paint on her face. This is awesome’. 

What is painting with your eyes closed? And what does that do for you? Is it a form of art therapy or something?”

Jenn Dragonette: “Yeah, it's art therapy. So I've combined a lot of things over the years, and this was another one of those. Again, I woke up one morning. I'm like, ‘I'm going to teach this’. And it was Blog to Masterpiece was the original name of the program instead of Art of Release. 

We spend so much time trying to be perfect, trying to fit in the box is trying to create things that look like something. When you close your eyes, you allow yourself to intuitively pick colors. You can do it with pens, pencils, crayons, anything, but you intuitively pick color. And allow yourself to just flow across the page. As soon every single person has looked at that and been like, ‘Oh my goodness, there's my answer’.

The first time I did it with myself and I had somebody else that was kind of helping me with something that was similar, but not quite, it was a meditation. She had recorded me a meditation and I was like, ‘I'm going to meditate’. And I'm going to draw at the same time, I picked up a white crayon. And thought I drew this beautiful picture and it was about my spirituality and how I was showing up.

And I thought I drew this beautiful picture that I picked up a second crayon. It was a light gray. So I got done, I opened my eyes and I was like, ‘My page is almost blank’. So in my spiritual life, I have this beautiful picture of this beautiful thing inside. However, I'm not sharing it. These profound things that come up and it's the same, like teaching a class, the first class was all dark colors that I taught.

I taught one later that day, it was all bright colors. I was really nervous the first time, the second time I was really bright, but intuitively I have a big bucket. Shake it up. It's not like I'm picking these colors. So it just teaches you a lot.” 

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “If people want to try this at home, so you said it could be paint, pens, crayons, whatever?

Do you have like a big piece of paper in front of you? You got paint on your face. So, I mean, and you must be sometimes missing the paper and getting your face.”

Jenn Dragonette: “The fun part is if you are somebody who is struggling with perfectionism and can't be dirty, you can get washable, Crayola paints, and finger-paint. And I I've worked with kids that do this.

I worked with a couple of kids that had a really hard time wanting to go outside cause they didn't want to get dirty. And we did this exercise and we walked through it and you just really have to think about it coming with an intention of like, ‘I’m not really stuck’. You know, and just allow yourself to just be with it.

Normally, when I do it, we come up with what the core problem is. I work through some EFT tapping stuff. Oh, that was the other one. That was the other ones. I have a tapping practitioner and we kind of go through this process of calming yourself and looking at the, whatever it is. We've done anything from leaders, having trouble that with leading to, again, kids that didn't want to go outside.

And then we come up with homework afterwards. So like the kid that didn't want to go outside, I was talking with their parents and I'm like, ‘Do you guys have flower pots or something? Go out and get them flowers so that they can plant them, and make them plant them with their hands’. And I got messages back from the parents later that are like, ‘Oh my goodness, I don't know what you did to our daughter, but she wants to be outside. She's playing in the sand. It really changed. And she loves doing this. Now, when she's getting to that frustration point, she goes and gets her paints or her crayons and just starts allowing it to be’. 

So it's really just going in with intention.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Part of being a kid is doing stuff messy and exploring things because when you become an adult, there's so much pressure to like be perfect all the time.”

Well that is so cool. Thank you so much, Jenn, for being on the show today, it's been so much fun and I love learning about you and there's way more to unlock.

You're a woman with many layers.”

Jenn Dragonette: “Oh, yes. If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong. If you were in business and you were miserable and you just hate it, add play, add play somehow.” 

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “I love that. I'm always about having fun like that. Every day, you got to laugh, allow yourself to be silly and have fun. And being serious all the time as well, it’s just not fun.”

Jenn Dragonette: “No. And you can make anything fun. Well, you know, you look at like what you do for a living. Like people think finance and accounting is so boring, but you have proven that that is not the case.” 

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Exactly, and you know, when you get all Nancy Drew in there, then it's exciting and it's full of intrigue, right?

Well, thank you so much, Jenn, for hanging out with me today!” 

Jenn Dragonette: “Thank you!”