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Ep. 104: Makeup Artist & Pinup Vixen (Sara Latt aka Bomber Betty) [Creator Spotlight]

August 24, 2022 Heather Zeitzwolfe Season 3 Episode 104
Get the Balance Right
Ep. 104: Makeup Artist & Pinup Vixen (Sara Latt aka Bomber Betty) [Creator Spotlight]
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Our guest is Sara Latt, who is a hair designer and makeup artist for her business, Vintage Vixen Vanity. When she’s not making other people look fabulous, you can find her on Instagram and in magazines as her alter ego, Bomber Betty.

Sara visits the podcast as a featured creator. This is a new show format for season three, and we’re delighted to have her highlighted first. She is an extraordinarily talented stylist and model whose creativity overlaps both in front of and behind the camera.

You'll learn how Sara got into the pinup modeling world and how others can too. If you ever wondered how to get the perfect winged eyeliner with drop-dead gorgeous lashes, stay for the end to get Sara’s special technique.

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Vintage Clothing Brands: Pinup Girl Clothing - Micheline Pitt - Unique Vintage
Photographers: Bunny Yeager - Mitzi & Co. - Bonnie Navarro
Pinup Role Models: Hedy Lamarr - Bettie Page - Audrey Hepburn - Marilyn Monroe
Publications: Retro Lovely Magazine - Rocket Magazine
Fundraising Calendars for Veterans: Bombshell Bettys Calendars

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Hey, everyone. Welcome toGet the Balance Right  podcast. I am your host, Heather Zeitzwolfe. I'm super excited about our guest today. Sara Latt she is a pinup girl. Yeah. And this is part of our new series, where I interview someone who is creative and is out there doing creative things in the media. And Sara is a pin-up queen.

I'm calling her queen. I don't know if she calls herself that, She's also a stylist and she does makeup. And in fact, she was going to give us some tips at the end on how to get those lovely, cat eyes where, you know, you have the. Eyeliner that goes swooping up. Yes. She even explains how to do that with hooded eyelids, which is what I have. And whenever I try to do it, it never comes out. Right. Anyways, Sara gives us the whole scoop on all of that.. And if you think Betty Page and Hedy Lamar, like all those Queens from back in the day were just like, so awesomely cool. Well, Sarah Latt she has given them a run for the money. I'll tell you. She is really cool. She's part of this whole new. Culture. I'll call it a subculture. Of. Pinups with tattoos you know, they pose with old fashioned cars or the whole Tiki vibe. I love Tiki. There are links in the show notes for you to check it out. So please enjoy this interview with the bombshell herself who goes by Bomber Betty, Sara Latt.

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Sarah Latt, welcome to Get the Balance Right podcast.”

Sara Latt: “Thank you for having me. I love this.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “This is so exciting because I have been following you on the internet for a few years now. And you have this alter ego Bomber Betty.”

Sara Latt: “Yeah, so we can call her that, alter ego. I love that.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “I'm gonna call you a pinup star because I see you on the internet, to me you are a star. Bomber Betty, how did you get started doing this?” 

Sara Latt: “About five years ago. My backstory is my father actually fought in the US army and I've been growing up on classic cars and going to car shows and watching these girls dress up similar to the fifties and rockabilly. When he passed away, one of my callings was that I really wanted to help out more veterans and how I could do that.

It happened to be, I found this group of women and they were called the Bombshell Bettys calendar for charity. And they dressed like USO 1940s, 1950s pinup. And they would go to car shows and they would do veterans’ events and raise funds and put together packages to send to troops. And I knew I wanted to do that.

 Joining that group led me into this whole open world I didn't even know existed. There were so many planned events for rockabilly or swing dancing and all that stuff. And photo shoots and magazines and car clubs and photographers. And then there I am, in the whirlwind.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “That is very cool. My parents grew up during the Depression and they were part of that era. When I look back at pictures of my parents, they have that look, like my mom's got the hair, the stockings with the line down it, the whole thing.”

To me, it's cool and nostalgic, the clothes that you're wearing. They look pretty authentic. Are those modern-day clothes being made that way or are you a vintage shopper?”

Sara Latt: “I haven't done the vintage shopping quite yet because it's really expensive. And once you go down that road, it's really hard to get out. So I've had some friends who have lent me a vintage outfit. And I always am very careful with vintage because they're just so delicate. I actually bought my first vintage 1960s — I guess they would call it almost like a caftan, but it's sleeveless and it has this beautiful waterfall back. And so it's like a Tiki sixties. That was very expensive but most of my clothing comes from reproduction companies. There's Unique Vintage, there's Michele, Michelene, there's Pinup Girl Clothing, and they all do a vintage reproduction. So it's brand new clothes that just look like the fifties or sixties.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “There's like this — I wanna say underground, there's a whole scene of this. Years ago, there was the whole, like you were mentioning, rockabilly and swing scene, and they were dressing up in these clothes. Yeah, I remember there were all these different fashion designers that were coming out with these lines that were — some had the Lucille Ball look, that sort of thing. It was just so cool. Is this a scene that's happening in Los Angeles where you're at? Or do they have pockets of this all over the country?”

Sara Latt: “There's pockets all over. I think this scene right now is the biggest in Pomona, or downtown where there's a lot of car shows. There's a tiny scene in Santa Barbara. And then there's a tiny scene in Pasadena. And then there's a giant scene, actually, in Viva Las Vegas.

There's a huge show out there every year. That goes on and then everything intertwines with itself, but I'm also getting into a vintage Tiki scene. I currently work at a Tiki bar, so that helps me a lot, too. But there's something called Tiki Oasis, which is also pinup meets Tiki, and it's really cool.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Oh, my God. That is such a cool combination. I love a good Tiki bar and I live at Portland, Oregon. We have one of the notable ones, the Alibi, it's still in existence and it used to reek of cigarettes, but when they changed the laws they actually got the smell out of the place, but I love that idea of the whole Tiki thing.

And I'm into shag, the artists and that whole combination of the Tiki. That is cool. And the rockabilly alignment, that makes sense as well in the swing. When it comes to the look of the pinups, of course you think of Bettie Page, but there was all these other women that were on the sides of planes. Do you know who some of those women were? And do you look at those pictures to get inspiration?”

Sara Latt: “I do have some of my inspirational pinups, I would say. Audrey Hepburn is definitely an inspiration for me. And who's the one that did wi-fi. I'm trying to think of the wi-fi.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Oh, are you talking about Hedy Lamarr?”

Sara Latt: “Lamarr. Yes. Those are all inspirational because they were smart upcoming women. And then, of course, Marilyn Monroe, because she was the face of pinup girls at that time. She was just so beautiful. I think Marilyn Monroe was the pretty side and really classy and fun-loving.

And then Bettie Page was more of the taboo and the rough-looking one. When you look at, I guess, pinup inspirations in the way that they posed, Bettie Page is a very big number because she had so many different kinds of posing and different kinds of sets.

And then Lamarr and those other pinups out there, they were also in the movies, but also Lamarr was known for her brain more than just her beauty. It's fun. Some of the magazines I actually submit to will do lookalikes. I've done a Bettie Page lookalike because I have the dark features and the dark hair. So I did a Bettie Page feature in a magazine.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: That's really fun. Photographer Bunny Yeager, I think, was her photographer and was a woman. That in itself, I think, would've given her that safe environment to do all those kinds of taboo-type things, when she's got this female photographer. So when you go in these shoots, do you know the photographer or is it like you show up? How do you know, do they tell you how to stand? Are you looking at pictures to figure this out? Tell me all the goods.”

Sara Latt: “Tell you all the goods. I'll start it like this, if you are looking to get into pinup or pinup photography, or just want to loosen up a little bit, the name of it, there's two different kinds. So there's just pinup posing in cars, you could do like classic car photo shoots.

And then there's the boudoir version where you do a little bit of, you can show some knees or some ankles or some boobs, or, you don't have to get like completely naked, actually. It's actually better if you're not, a lot of the magazines like it a little bit. What's the word for it, when you you're teasing, you reach out to photographers or they'll reach out to you with an idea or you can reach out to them with an idea. And then when you show up, I usually have a suitcase of stuff just to give them an idea. Like I have three different outfits. What do you wanna shoot with?

Or sometimes they'll shoot with all three, depending on the package that you choose. Like Mitzi, one of the Mitzi and co., her name is — she's one of my favorite photographers. She does car shoots. She does pool parties. So she'll give you an idea. She does like sixties shoots, seventies shoots. She wants fifties classic pinup.

And then you just show up and show her what you have, and she'll tell you exactly what she wants. She's also really good with posing. She'll give you an idea of, move your face up, move your face down. Smile. Don't smile. So that's really cool. I've worked with a few photographers that, we'll also have a person there helping them pose you, which is also fun.

So I've had men photographers, female photographers. They're all really good. I prefer females. If I'm gonna do like a boudoir, just cuz it's more comfortable that way, but everybody has their photographer that they work with.” 

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Now you are a makeup artist, so your makeup looks amazing in all of the photos. Do you do all of your makeup as well?”

Sara Latt: “Depends how far I drive. With some photographers, if I have to drive like to Pomona, it's just a very far distance from Ventura. It's three hours. So if I'm driving three hours, I will have my makeup done when I get there. Cause then I have to wake up at four in the morning to get my makeup done, to finish my makeup and my hair and then drive out.

Yeah. And sometimes it's fun. I always suggest when you're first starting out to do pinup or any kind of photo shoots and you wanna be in magazines, my suggestion is to actually use their hair and makeup artists on set. It is a little bit more expensive. You're gonna pay a little bit more and then you can cheapen it as you get better and pose-y and all that stuff.

But just to start out, cause then you're not worried. There's no stress. You show up, you get to have a good time. It is a little expensive, you're getting what you pay for, which is great hair, great makeup, great photos.” 

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “You first got started with a calendar. If somebody wanted to get their toe wet in this environment of trying to do these types of things, are there certain magazines and certain calendars that come out each year that they could try to get into?”

Sara Latt: “Calendars are actually a little bit harder to get into because the photographer will choose her best girls or probably sometimes her most common. If you shoot with a photographer a lot. It's like a treat like, oh, thank you so much for shooting with me a lot here. I'm gonna be putting together a calendar. I chose you for one of the days. The Bombshell Bettys calendar is done by your participation. So if you're not showing up to events and you're not reposting their fundraisers or anything like that, you're most likely not gonna show up in the calendar. We help raise money till we get sponsors.

You're required to get a good sponsor or a few sponsors so that you can make it into the calendar. It's like a promotional thing, but it also helps the girls really reach out and do the work that they need to do to help us. And the calendars, a hundred percent goes to veterans when we sell the calendars.

So the sponsors help us make the calendars and then the calendars get given to veterans a hundred percent the funds for that calendar goes to veterans. So it's amazing. It's absolutely fun.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “What about magazines? Are there a few in publication and are they local to Los Angeles or do they go national or are they online? How do people find those?”

Sara Latt: “Yeah, they're all over actually. One of the first magazines I was ever in was Rocket magazine and I believe they’re local out here. Some of the photographers you work with will be, I guess, the sponsored photographer for that magazine.

So I worked with Bonnie Navarro and she worked with Rocket and I worked with Scott Mansky and he works with Rocket and he's actually the one that got me my sixties cover. I did like a sixties roller girl shoot at the beach and I got a cover on the magazine. And then there's something called Retro Lovely and Retro Lovely is just the front face.

Retro Lovely, I'm probably gonna make this up, but like 25 different magazines through Retro Lovely. Like they have, yes, they have Retro Lovely, Godiva, Taboo Tattoo, but it's all the same I guess production. I'm not sure, so they have a bunch of different ones.

If you are covered in tattoos and you're like, oh, I don't think I'm gonna be a good fit. Absolutely you're a good fit. If you are not covered in tattoos, you're a good fit. You just kind of have to find that magazine that really goes for your aesthetic.” 

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “These are actually printed magazines. That's very cool because I used to love magazines and now you hardly ever see them anymore. And I would imagine because they're such a unique item that people will collect these things. And you'll probably be around in someone's collection for a very long time.”

Sara Latt: “One thing actually happened to me. I had a friend who flew out to forget the state. I'm gonna just make up a state, just cuz it's for a fun story. But he flew out to Washington. And he was getting his hair done. He went into a barber shop and he picks up one of the magazines. That's a pinup magazine and he picks up one of the pinup magazines and opens it up.

And there's my picture. So he sends me a picture of him in a different state and me in a magazine in that state and was like, Hey, by the way, guess who I looked up? And I was like, it was so like, I was like, what? Oh my gosh, that's so fun.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Yeah, that is really cool. Wow. You’re a makeup artist. You do beautiful makeup. If people out there wanna do some sort of pinup girl makeup, what are the little tricks to it? Is it the eyeliner? What is the key items that you need to have?”

Sara Latt: “Pinup makeup is a very easy aesthetic actually.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Oh, okay.”

Sara Latt: “It's quite easy. If you think about the way women used to do their makeup back then, it literally was a few things. It was a little eyeshadow, tiniest bit of eyeliner, eyebrows and lipstick and blush. That's it. So now how we do makeup is we do a modern version. Depending on the fullest coverage to the medium coverage you use a little bit of foundation, little concealer, and then it's to get the look, the eyeliner, the blush and the eyebrows and the lips. Most common is black eyeliner in a wing, a bright pink blush and then bright red lips. Those are the three things that you need to do and your book pinup.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Wow. With the wings, there's an art form to that as well. I cheat and I've got one of those stamps that like stamps the —"

Sara Latt: “Oh, how do you like that? Do you like it at all?”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Well, you know, here's the thing. I'm in my fifties. My eyes are starting to wrinkle. In one certain spot, it's oh, it looks good.

But then when the folds in my eye fold, then it's my wing is all like weird. I think if I had younger taughter skin, it would probably look fine.”

Sara Latt: “So there is a trick. You can actually look it up on TikTok and YouTube and stuff. And I did it. My fiance has we call 'em folds. So it heavy fold. Even if you're young, you can be twenties and have a heavy fold. And so basically what you do is that. You do the same thing you did with the stamp and you stamp your corner of your eye, where you think you want your eyeliner, and then as soon as you open your eye, it's completely gone.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Yeah.”

Sara Latt: “Okay. So then you take that stamp again with your eye open and you stamp it again in the same place that you would like it. And then when you look down, you should be able to connect both of those stamps. And then when you look up, you're gonna have fresh, beautiful winged, eyeliner.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Oh, wow. Okay. I'll have to try that. When I first got it, I didn't realize there was a stamp on both sides and I was like, I went stamp and then I used the same one stamp and I'm like, that's weird. And then I was like, oh, there's two. You gotta do left and right. Okay. Ah, okay.”

Sara Latt: “So that's, I actually tried it on my fiance cuz she has heavy hooded eyes. There's a few ways to do it. For hers, I call hers the bat wing cuz she likes her eyeliner a little bit bigger. So I have her look down and I create the nice line from the corner of her eye up. And then I have her look up. And I draw a straight line to the center of the top of her lid. And then when she looks down, I literally create like a C shape to connect those two and then just color the rest in, it looks like a little bat wing when she looks down. When she looks up, it looks like a perfect wing.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Wow. I'll have to try that. I like bat wings, very cool. Tell people where they can find this stuff. And if they wanna try this stuff out themselves.”

Sara Latt: “Yeah, they can also just reach out to me. I have a few Instagram platforms, you can find me at my modeling platform @bomberbetty one word, and then it's bomber as in dropped bombs. And then Betty as in B E T T Y like Betty Boop. I actually picked my name because bomber girls, as you've said earlier were the girls that were painted, like on the side of airplanes. They considered good luck charms on ships, planes. And so I was like, oh, I'm a little good luck charm. And then my grandmother's name was Betty and she spelled it B E T T Y. So I took Betty for my grandmother and it's a very, very common pinup name, Bomber Betty or Bettie Page or something like that. I like that. And then my makeup page, I go as vintage Vixen Vanity just cuz I like the way I forget how you call it.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Oh, yeah. Yeah. Like an alliteration.” 

Sara Latt: “Alliteration. Yes. I love that. So you can find my makeup page on there and I list all the magazines I've been in. I list little tricks and tips just to throw it out there, cuz I think my fan base and like my people that follow me really like that stuff. I try to get all of those things in there. It's hard to keep up with social media for sure.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “And if someone was like, ooh, I wanna try this. Is this something that they organize something locally? Or as far as raising money for veterans, is this something like they could start their own?” 

Sara Latt: “I mean, of course, veterans organizations are always looking for volunteers. You can actually find Bombshell Bettys calendar on my Instagram as well. If you're local in California or in Palmdale, you can definitely hit them up.

There are other groups you can look up, pinup groups that help veterans and there are other groups, there's actually one in Oregon. I wanna say they're called Deadly Dame, but I could be a hundred percent wrong, but yeah, I looked up cuz I originally was thinking about moving to Oregon and that's one of my things is that I have to go somewhere where, there's some kind of help of the veterans. So I wanted to join something. I looked up Oregon and there's a group out there.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “When does this calendar come out? If people wanna buy one and they can purchase that online, right?” 

Sara Latt: “Yeah. So usually we have a launch party in November. Yeah, and then you can go online to Bombshell Bettys calendar. For you can find magazines there. You can also donate money if you'd like to help with the cause. Those proceeds will a hundred percent go to our veterans.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Very cool. Thank you so much, Sara.” 

Sara Latt: “Thank you. Yeah. Is there any other makeup things that you wanna —"

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Ooh makeup. Yes. Okay. I love makeup tips. With the eyeshadow you are mentioning, in the crease, you've got more of a heavier line. And then with the eyeliner, it looks like it goes all the way to your corner of your eye.”

Sara Latt: “Correct. I try to draw from the corner of my eye all the way out. I actually start with my tail first.” 

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Oh, you do. Okay. This is another tricky thing for me. With wrinkles, it's so hard to get a straight line. And plus I can't see very well without my glasses, instead of starting at the end, I start in the middle, which is probably goofy. I like, I go like this and then I'm like, I'll connect it.” 

Sara Latt: “It also depends on the tools you're using. I always say either it's your technique, your tool or your product, you have those three things as you're trying to use. So if your product is drying too fast on you, while you're trying to make a line, probably try to use a wetter product or a different kind.

There's the technique. If you're starting from the top corner and you can't find yourself making a straight line, start from maybe the inner corner or do it in stripes, do a little bit, do a little bit, do a little bit, and then also the product or maybe the tool that you're using.

I love Revlon. They have these little cute little felt tips and they're short. And that really gets me to get into this inner corner, into the center of my eye. Super easy, cuz it's super close, they're short tips, but then to get these beautiful long wings on the end, I actually like to use E.L.F or Nick's products. They have the longer felt pens and they're like really long. Where I literally just press it in one corner and I flick it out.” 

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Oh.” 

Sara Latt: “Yeah. So it just makes the wing for me. And then there's other products like liners that you have to use a little bit of water and a brush. And those are always fun too, because you can use a long brush or short brush to get your technique up. Either way.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “I've bought ones that were like, it's almost like a liquid eyeliner, except for has no pigment and you dip it into your favorite eyeshadow and then you can make it, those always seem to dry out really fast.”

Sara Latt: “Yeah, probably.” 

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Yeah.” 

Sara Latt: “Fun though.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “I've never tried the flick, so I'm gonna have to try the flick. Okay.”

Sara Latt: “I would do it on your hands, get the motion. If you can get it and then try it on your eye.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Sometimes I'll be like, okay, I'll try it. And then I try to get the wing or whatever, and then it messes up. Is there an easy way to get that off without messing up the whole thing?”

Sara Latt: “Oh, I love that. You asked that question. Yes. A lot of people will do their full face of makeup. And then the last thing they do is their eyeliner. So now if you go in with a Q-tip in water and you wipe that off, it's gonna wipe all of your makeup off. Yes. So two things you can do.

One thing is take a little brush. If you just need to fix underneath the line, take a little brush and dip it into your foundation. And dip a little bit. Yes. Listen to me, dip into your foundation and a little bit into your primer. And what the primer's gonna do is it's gonna allow it to be a little bit wet. So it's just the same thing as like Q-tip and water, you're gonna be able to remove, but the foundation is going to replace what you just removed. So you're not ruining your makeup.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Oh, I like this.”

Sara Latt: “Yes. Yes. My other thing is I always do my eyes first. So if there's anything that I mess up, I can cover up with my foundation or wipe off of my face, cuz I use so many different kinds of eyeshadow pallets, and some eyeshadow pallets are fantastic and super pigmented, but also have a lot of fallout. So if do your eyes first, then you're able to just clean up your cheeks with a makeup wipe and then do your whole foundation and it makes your life so much easier.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Oh yeah. And do you do the mascara last.”

Sara Latt: “Mascara's last.” 

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Okay, mascara last. And what do you think of all the false eyelashes now? Have you tried the ones with the magnets?”

Sara Latt: “So I have actually, I have an allergy to metals, so I was always apprehensive. Yeah. So I was apprehensive. So I tried one time. I did the eyeliner with the magnet, with the magnetic stuff in it, and then put the lashes on. I tell you right now, if you are not allergic to metals and you are not afraid of doing that, it's such an easy way to apply eyeliner and lashes because glue is, I've fought with glue for years. Years, but the double magnet ones are actually pretty fun. It took me a while to figure out how to get those on, but again, it's just trial and error. Once you practice it and practice it, you should be able to get it. No problem. I always suggest for people because when you're doing eyelashes, curl your eyelashes and apply mascara when you're doing one eyelash.

So if you're doing an eyelash on the top, your eyelashes on the top, if you're applying eyelashes, you always wanna do a curl and mascara when you're doing the magnetic ones, because it's a top and a bottom. You actually don't need to add mascara and it'll just dirty your lashes. So I just curl my lashes and usually just put the lashes over my lashes, but I have black lashes. So if you are blonde, you may still consider curling adding mascara and then applying the magnetic lashes.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Oh, interesting. Okay. All right. And do you have the curling thing, do you have any in particular? They all seem the same.” 

Sara Latt: “Yeah, they're all pretty the same. Just curled them in however fashion that you, whatever comfortable way a spoon, a curling lash thing with your finger, however, you can get them curled. I would just do it before you apply your lashes, cuz your lashes will stick out straight underneath those curled lashes. If you apply them.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Do you do it with a spoon? How does that work?”

Sara Latt: “I guess there was a time back then where they would heat up a spoon, then make it warm and they would touch it to the bottom of their lash to curl it. Yeah. It was another thing. You don't have to do it now. I think my grandma did it when she was younger.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Wow. That's really cool. Until you burn yourself.”

Sara Latt: “Don't wanna do that.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Cool. Thank you so much, Sara. This has been so much fun and I love that whole Tiki thing. In the nineties there was a Tiki revival. Is there like a Tiki revival going on right now in Los Angeles?”

Sara Latt: “I think so. There's so many more Tiki bars also popping up. I wanna say I have a list right now in the United States of 34. But knowing the Tiki bars that have come up, I wanna say there's probably maybe six more in the states that have actually popped up. There's Three Dots and a Dash in Illinois.

The one that you mentioned in Oregon, there's in San Diego, there's a place called False Idol, which is really cool. Yeah, there's a bunch of 'em. They're just fun. And if you like rum or you like the whole like Tiki aesthetic, it's a thing. Some Tiki bars will go all out and do songs and dances.

So if you've ever been to Disneyland, Trader Sam’s is actually a really fun one. And they like spray with water and it always sounds like a thunderstorm is going off. And so it's really fun.”

Heather Zeitzwolfe: “Oh, that's cool. Oh, I love that. Yeah. Yeah. That's really fun. I remember when I was a kid going to a Tiki restaurant and it just seemed like I was going to another country or something. I think I have that built into my brain of like it being some magical or something, this like drinking out of a coconut, it just seems so, tropical and different or something. I don't know. Well, Sara, thank you so much. This has been really fun. And thank you for the makeup tips. I'm gonna try that.”

Sara Latt: “You're so welcome.”