Get the Balance Right

Ep. 106: Be Authentic to Attract the Right Clients (Five Steps to Increase Profits - BONUS SERIES)

September 05, 2022 Heather Zeitzwolfe Season 3 Episode 106
Get the Balance Right
Ep. 106: Be Authentic to Attract the Right Clients (Five Steps to Increase Profits - BONUS SERIES)
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How are you showing up in your business? Are you faking it until you make it? Are you a copycat? Or are you the real deal? 

Nobody wants to do business with a cookie cutter! Don't be afraid. Be brave and show the world who you are.  When you are authentic in your business, success will follow. Not only does it feel better to be yourself, but you will also attract the right people to your brand. Instead of selling, you will be able to build a relationship with your tribe. 

This is the first installment of the Five Steps to Increase Profits bonus series. Stay tuned each day this week for a new episode.

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How are you showing up in your business? Are you faking it? So you make it. Are you trying to act like everybody else. Cause do you think, well, they're doing it this way and they're successful. I might as well try. Or have you gotten up the nerve? To actually. Be yourself. That's what we're talking about today. 

And how that. Authenticity will. Impact your profits.  

Hey, I'm Heather Zeitzwolfe, and this is get the balance right podcast. This is a special week. so we are gonna have short. form podcast  that is around profits . All week giving you key things that you can work on to increase the profits in your business. 

The first one is authenticity. So I wanna give you a little backstory,  I'm going to be going to FinCon, which is a conference. 

For financial bloggers and. Podcasters. I've never been before. This is gonna be my first time. and the whole reason why I thought about. This idea to talk about authenticity was because. I wanna just lay something out on the table for myself about me. Stepping into my authenticity, 

 It is really helped my business for me to embrace who I am. I'm wacky. I'm weird. I'm a nerd. 

Got crazy hair. I like dolls I'm into veganism. Like all that stuff is. Part of me,  of my quote, unquote. Brand.

I know that I'm smart. And I happen to be extremely goofy. Too. There's nothing wrong with that. That's who I am. And if people wanna do business with me, They know that's who they're doing business with. So this idea that came to me  was. that came to me in the shower the other day, a I thought about when I go to FinCon, how I wanna dress in a costume. Now FinCon is for financial professionals. Eh, for the most part, tend to be, you know, Um, suit and tie kind of people. I don't know about the people at FinCon, cuz I've never been before and I've met some of the people that will be there. There, you don't seem like the suit and tie kind of people, but I'm just talking traditionally. 

Money, gurus, that sort of thing. They usually have more buttoned down kind of appearance. I'm thinking, okay. So if I do dress up in a costume or are people gonna think like, What does she think? This is uh, ComicCon. No, it's FinCon, I don't know,  if you've been following me on social media, 

I came up with this sort of. Very inexpensive, goofy. On the fly stuff in my closet, superhero. Called the profit.  Protector. And I took a bunch of funny pictures with me with this green. Cape. And I had Cape that I bought. Used, it was like a kid's Cape. It had dollar signs on it. And I put that in the front kind of made like a, almost like a Peter Panish kind of outfit and then had a Dollar sign thing that I had gotten in Las Vegas. It's this little plastic thing and hooked into my hair and then I called myself . The profit protector. And took a bunch of pictures and put 'em online and people seemed think it was funny or, found it. Fun and interesting. And then I even used one of the pictures on. 

of The show arts for one of my podcast episodes. I wouldn't it be funny? It would be funny to me, but wouldn't it be be fun If I showed up. At FinCon dress as the prophet. Protector. And then I thought. 

What if people just thought that I was just a weirdo. And then I thought to myself I am a weirdo and there's nothing wrong with being a weirdo. Yeah, there might be people that laugh at me. And not in a good way. Like they're laughing. At me, not with me. obviously though, they're not my people. 

, I'm not there to impress somebody. That's. Not really on the same vibe as me. I think If I were a costume there that the people that. Understand where I'm coming from with it. They'll actually appreciate it. I'm packing this stuff. I actually ordered a pair of green tennis shoes to go with the outfit and I thought, okay, that will be fun. 

And I was gonna order some leggings with some dollar signs on it, but those wouldn't get here on time.  Cuz I'm leaving on the day that this drops is going to be labor day. It's the weekend break before labor day. And then I leave the next day. For Orlando to go to FinCon. 

I'm just doing my costume with what's in my closet. And then a pair of green shoes that's coming in the mail. So why am I telling you all this? I'm just proving to you that I am stepping into my authenticity in what I do.  It is allowing me to more profit in my business. I'm obviously not spending too much on costumes because they're coming out of my closet. So that's not a huge. 

Expense obviously, but what I mean is people. When they. Decide to work with me. They know who they're working with. Like I'm laying out all out for them. They see me on the internet with like, Dolls and. Making goofy faces and. Dancing around So they know who they're getting. They're getting a fun person. They know when they work with me that it's not gonna be dry and boring. They're going to get a really fun individual. 

That has an open mind. That is very caring. likes to laugh, but still takes. Work very seriously. 

What is your authenticity mean to your customers or your. Potential buyers. Are you being authentic out there? Here's the thing people. Don't buy from. Companies per se, they buy from. A feeling a vibe. Some sort of. Like this brand it's almost like this. Intangible thing where people. 

Have a feeling that comes over them when they think of a brand. So when people think of my brand, Maybe they think like she's a weirdo or they think she's really fun. I wanna work with her.  What I'm saying to you as an. Entrepreneur is please step into your authenticity. And we've talked about that in this show before, and you can go back and listen to some other episodes where I talk about that. 

And in the show notes, I will have links to those other shows where we talked about authenticity. 

So authenticity, number one. People wanna know who they're buying from. Two they want to have. A feeling that they can know like, and trust you. And if you are being completely authentic out there, They know that all the cards are out on the table. They don't have to worry about anything. You're not gonna like turn out to be like some devious person like the sleazy sales guy that is all like, Nice and friendly. And then when you buy from him, And you have a problem. He never calls you back. No, because you're being upfront about who you are. People can know like, and trust you. And If they don't like you then guess what they aren't meant to be your client. 

Move on. Yes. Be authentic. On social media be authentic. , in your discovery calls be authentic when giving your offer online. Be authentic on video. In your social post. And when you're communicating with. Your clients and potential clients. 

We live in a time where.  It's all about. Building a relationship. And the only way you can truly build a relationship with someone. Is if you are being honest and upfront about who you are. 

Being authentic. Step into your authenticity.  

This will bring you money in return. I promise you that. 

If you try to be someone that you're not. People are gonna figure that out. They're not gonna like it. And you will probably lose business from that.  Find your tribe. Be yourself and the money will flow. 

All right. I'm gonna step into my true authenticity, which is. My desire to wear a costume. At this event, which I've never been to before. So maybe there's other people that wear costumes there. I don't know. um, Maybe there's like a dude that wears like a suit with dollar signs all over it, or dollar bills or something. Uh, there could be. 

I'm gonna bring my. of Somewhat janky. Costume that I made, but it's, so me, it is, so me, it's got like socks that I cut up to make arm bands. And that is. So me and I'm probably going to put some fish nets and maybe some glittery things or something else. I have a green disco ball that goes on it. 

It's gonna be fun. It'll be totally me. 

I'm showing you that I'm.  Taking a risk and going out there. And I'm gonna send you pictures. I'll post pictures of what happens. With me in this outfit and maybe people will wanna pose with me or maybe people will go running. And they'll be like, oh my God. Oh, my God. Look at that woman. She's just, she's crazy. 

I don't know what's gonna be the reaction, but I'm gonna be okay with it because. I wanna prove to you guys, stepping into your authenticity is super important. And I know. You are gonna make more money if you do so in your business. All right. So this is short and sweet episodes. Tomorrow is another one coming to you. 

And you're not gonna wanna miss that one. Because we are gonna be talking about. Cleaning up. Your financial hot mess. Yeah. I know you got a hot mess out there. It's okay. We're gonna get through it. 

All right. See you on the flippidy flip side tomorrow.